Famous Dave’s Promise

To serve you the best tasting food and great tasting barbeque with good ol’ fashioned hospitality in a fun environment. Should you ever be dissatisfied with anything about your dining or catering experience with Famous Dave’s, please let us know…we’ll make it right. I promise: Our whole purpose in life is just to make you happy! And as I always say…

“May you always be surrounded by good friends and great barbeque”™





Our Story

Dave Anderson, founder of Famous Dave’s, lives for barbeque. Growing up in Chicago, home of the Blues, Dave’s passion for ribs began as a young boy when his dad would bring ribs home from work in his lunch bucket. They were the legendary ribs just like the champion pitmasters used to smoke way down in the deep South. Realizing that his dream was to one day open his own barbeque restaurant, Dave spent more than 25 years of his adult life searching all over the country for the best barbeque and feasting on a variety of smoked meats available from every barbeque joint he could find—literally thousands over 25 years.

With each trip, Dave learned more and more about barbeque sauces too, and would return home to his kitchen for repeated testing and the refining of his taste senses. He would spend countless hours crushing, grinding and tasting fresh herbs and spices. After more than 25 years and many all-night cooking and tasting sessions, with thousands of batches of sauces, he finally developed and perfected the best barbeque sauce his friends and family had ever tasted.

Dave also discovered that there is no other way to smoke good “cue” than to first hand rub each slab with a blend of southern spices, then slow smoke’m in a pit of smoldering hickory. These were the kind of ribs Dave had grown to love as a boy in Chicago—the kind he knew, along with his barbeque sauce, would someday make his barbeque famous.

In 1994, while living in Minneapolis, Dave purchased a small resort on Big Round Lake in Hayward, where he envisioned as the possible fulfillment of his life’s dream—a barbeque restaurant. From the beginning, the restaurant, named “Famous Dave’s BBQ Shack,” was a tremendous success—serving as many as 1,000 in a night. Dave regularly heard those from the Twin Cities asking when a Shack might come to Minneapolis. With the success of this northwoods lodge, Dave knew that his dreams of a roadhouse barbeque shack and blues club were becoming a reality. One guest after another began asking Dave when a Shack might come to their neighborhood. These requests, over weeks and months, came to fuel a dream of a Famous Dave’s expansion across America!